H:iH:iThe DolphinH:i - H:i Mishkan Leomanout Ashdod




Mickey, a dreamy and sensitive child does not communicate with children his age. Mickey meets Dophi The Dolphin, the oyster, the tetraodon and the sea cucumber with which he undertakes a special journey. Through his wonderful friendship, he overcomes his fears, his hesitations, learns to trust himself and opens his heart! The show combines fantasy and reality, and is interspersed with well-known and beloved giddies by Gidi Gov and cut and tanned bands – “In Honour of Summer Coming,” “A Matter of Time,” “Thousand Firemen,” “Give Me a Hand,” “Ronnie” and many more For a theatrical and musical celebration, above and below the water.

Playing: Daphne Engel and Shai Lahav,

Director: Raanan Nissim Perera and Moshe Ben Shoshan

Music management and adaptation: Lior Ronen

Actors: Amir Shorosh, Lishi Ztlauy, Moore Enter / Timor Cohen, Adi Eisenman, Rafael Abbas

Date & Horaire

() H:i - H:i


Mishkan Leomanout Ashdod

Derech Erets 1, Ashdod